At MSE INTERPRET, we firmly believe that quality should always come first. That’s why we work to the most rigorous standards and trust only duly qualified translators and interpreters with extensive experience in the sector.

For specialised projects, we require our translators to have demonstrable expertise in the field. For example: for legal documents, translators and interpreters must have complementary training in law or verify that they have sufficient experience working with legal language.

When you work with MSE INTERPRET, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the best professional on the job. The result: a high-quality service that projects a professional and competent image to your clients.

Because finding the right word is priceless.


The brains behind MSE INTERPRET is Montserrat Sardà, a translator and interpreter with a passion for languages and enthusiasm for her work. Montserrat has:

She has also taught university classes on German-Spanish sworn translation, and has travelled abroad extensively for both professional and training purposes. She works in German, English, French, Greek, Catalan and Spanish.

A Licentiate Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Pompeu Fabra University) in German, English, Catalan and Spanish; legal translation track.

A Licentiate Degree in Law (Open University of Catalonia).

A Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting (University of La Laguna); membership of the EMCI Consortium, in collaboration with the European Commission.

Certification as a sworn
German ↔ Catalan translator from the Government of Catalonia.

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