Revision and Proofreading

Revision and proofreading

Trying to publish a product catalogue for your clients? Are you about to debut a website for your business or for yourself as a professional? Do you need to prepare a report? Are you writing a CV or résumé?

Fluid copy that’s adapted to the text’s goal takes you one step closer to success. Still, poor spelling and a cumbersome, unidiomatic style can damage your reputation and taint your credibility with your clients.

That’s why we offer two services that you can use in tandem or individually. The first is proofreading: correction of spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure that your text is flawless, without orthographic, syntactical or morphological mistakes.

The second is revision: improvement of style and audience-oriented editing, so that you can be confident that your tone, approach, vocabulary and word choice suit your goals.

When it’s this important, leave your text to the professionals. Invest in quality and reliability.

Why us?

  • An all-professional team: All of our professionals have duly accredited training and experience.
  • Specialisation: A professional for every field. We specialise in specific sectors to guarantee results that meet your high standards.
  • Prompt and flexible: We are quick to answer your emails and your phone calls, and we’re ready to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Personalised service: We tailor every budget to fit the details of the project, and always consult with our clients to ensure that they receive a product that meets their needs.



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